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Our Commitment to You

We have spent many years in the window film industry working with manufacturers, distributors, installation companies, facility managers, loss prevention professionals and homeowners. In that time, we have noticed many situations where window films would have been an ideal solution and they were not used because their capabilities were either unknown or not explained properly. Unfortunately, we have also witnessed situations where window films were not an effective solution, yet they were specified anyway. Ultimately, the buyer is disillusioned regarding window film capabilities, the original problem still exists, and the potential benefits were never realized.

For these reasons, our commitment at NGSG is first to fully understand the issues facing our clients. It is important that we recognize what our client is trying to accomplish so that we can, when applicable, specify appropriate film solutions that fully meet their requirements. Window films can be the most cost effective solution as they allow you to improve your glass without changing the entire unit. In most situations, a properly selected film will enhance the benefit of a window while minimizing or eliminating any undesired attributes. This commitment is backed by our Complete Satisfaction Pledge that states.

"National Glass Service Group will provide products and services that completely satisfy our client's needs. If at any time a client is not completely satisfied, National Glass Service Group will use all resources available to rectify the situation."

This pledge is your assurance that NGSG will only implement solutions that meet your specific needs and leave you completely satisfied.

Please contact us with any further questions. We have a very knowledgeable team ready to exceed your expectations and assist you in discovering how great your glass can be.