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NGSG's Graffiti Mitigation Systems

NGSG Anti-graffiti film system offers a complete surface protection system for windows and mirrors that are vulnerable to damage or vandalism. It's designed to protect the glass from graffiti type vandalism. Here are some of the benefits of having anti-graffiti film on your windows and mirrors:

  • Prevents scratches, acid etching and painting from permanently damaging the glass
  • Optical clarity that makes it nearly impossible to notice
  • Provides a sacrificial layer that is easy to remove when vandalism occurs
  • Blocks 99% of UV Rays which protects interiors against fading and deterioration
  • Does not alter glass appearance
  • Fast and inexpensive graffiti remediation with minimal disruption of business

With graffiti vandalism increasing, and the methods deployed more destructive, it is more important than ever to protect your facility. This film is a very cost effective method to combat this nuisance.

Graffiti Before
Graffiti Before

Graffiti After
Graffiti After

Graffiti Glass Scratch
Graffiti Glass Scratch