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Smash & Grab Protection

Windows are the fastest and easiest way for people to gain access to a locked space. The combination of security window films and attachment systems can dramatically improve the intrusion resistance of a window system. When used in conjunction with standard security measures, a window film and attachment system can noticeably enhance a facilities loss prevention efforts. We have partnered with the leading manufacturers of security window films and attachment systems to deliver a cost effective addition to your overall security programs.

Door Protection

Smash & Grab burglary is increasing and statistics show that more than 70% of these burglaries involve forced entry through the weakest link…glass doors. However, security film alone will not provide the level of protection that is required. By code, the glass in door systems must be tempered. When a tempered panel is broken it becomes many small, dull pieces that do not pose a danger. When security film is applied to tempered glass without an attachment, it merely acts to keep all of the pieces of the broken window together in one large sheet. This sheet could easily be pushed out of the door frame and provides little resistance to entry.

When the window film is used in conjunction with an attachment system such as the Pentagon Z-Lok®, the door glass would break but the glass membrane would stay in place in the door frame. With this system, although the glass was broken, it would still require a great degree of additional effort to gain access into the space. Pentagon Z-Lok®, and other related products are specifically designed for storefront doors and are installed in addition to 8 Mil or thicker security films to where "Smash and Grab" attacks are a concern. National Glass Service Group's experienced installers will expertly apply the security film and Pentagon Z-Lok® or related attachment products to form an almost invisible layer of protection. This protection will significantly slow down any attempted intrusion causing either the burglar to flee the scene or give the authorities an opportunity to respond in time to stop the burglary attempt.

Pentagon Z-Lok®

Window Protection

However, many times access to a space is gained through the windows and not the doorway as described above.  In these cases, a security window film in conjunction with a flexible anchoring product is the answer. Anchoring systems are designed to attach the security film to the window frame allowing the frame, glass and film all act as one system. This creates a far more substantial protective barrier than glass or security film installed on glass alone. In extreme situations such as bomb-blast, burglary or hurricanes, the glass could be blown or knocked out of its frame.

To solve this, NGSG uses security film in conjunction with a Pentagon Elite® anchoring system that is designed to secure the applied film to the window frame.  As an example, Pentagon Elite® anchoring can be easily fitted to most commercial style widows to securely attach the safety film directly to the frame. In the event of an attempted break-in, hurricane or nearby explosion, the NGSG system of security film and Pentagon Elite helps to retain the glass in the frame.

Pentagon Elite®

Pentagon Advanced Elite®