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NGSG's Cost Effective Decorative Options

With over 200 different colors, patterns and designs you can get creative by giving your existing glass a unique look. This can also be used as a more cost effective method to achieve a desired effect with the glass. An example would be the use of a frosted film to achieve the look of sand blasted glass at a fraction of the cost. This would also be easier to clean than actual sand blasted glass and be easily removed if desired. For these reasons, decorative films are a perfect choice in leased space, retail space or anywhere you might want to change the look on a non-permanent basis. In addition, decorative films can be used to create the desired look in conjunction with marketing campaigns and product introductions. Decorative films open up many new possibilities because they can be easily removed and re-done to change the look, logo designs, or other attributes multiple times without the cost of replacing the glass. Contact National Glass Service Group today to discuss how we can integrate this exciting category of films into your facility design plans.