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Solar control window films represent the single largest category of commercial installations. These films can be used for the elimination or reduction of certain sun related problems or to improve the aesthetic or performance of a window system. Solar control films are most widely used for the following:

  • Save Energy. Reduction of excessive heat gain through the windows. This can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of a space and be a significant part in a facilities "green" initiative program. In many circumstances, the energy savings provided will pay for the film installation in fewer than 3 years.
  • Reduce Glare. This can assist when glare is creating visibility concerns with computer screens and televisions or just making a space uncomfortable.
  • Diminish Fading. These films can radically reduce the fading caused by UV, visible light and heat entering through the windows. Unprotected display windows often dictate that merchandise needs to be rotated often. Solar Control films can allow merchandise to remain in the display window longer without fear of damage by fading.
  • Screen Harmful UV. Most of our films offer over 95% reduction of UV rays entering the space through the windows. While many people ensure that they utilize sunscreen whenever they are engaged in outdoor activities, most do not consider the time they spend in front of windows exposed to harmful UV rays. The installation of window films improves the health, safety and welfare (HSW) of the workplace.
  • Increase Efficiency of HVAC. Improvement of heating or cooling differential issues across spaces that cannot be controlled with HVAC. In many cases, one side of a building has spaces that are too warm while the other side is too cool. If the HVAC system is not designed in such a way to address these differentials, solar control window films can be implemented to assist in evening the temperature across the entire space. This increased efficiency will typically result in energy saved by reduced load on the system.
  • Enhance Building Appearance. Improve the aesthetic of a building by creating a uniform appearance to all windows. Solar Control films are often used when a building has numerous occupants with differing types of window coverings. This often causes a patchwork look to the building that can be eliminated with the use of solar control films. These films also often update the appearance of an older building for a fraction of the cost of new windows.